Cold Memory

- How would you remember those you love? your life's purpose?Relying on a system of notebooks, Niles is determined to make the type of impact in his next thirty days that most people cannot achieve in the course of their entire lives. What if you Lost Your Memory. Every thirty days?a rare, degenerative memory disease causes Niles's memory to reset.

Torn between a daughter who's falling apart, an ex-wife that gives no clues as to the reason for their divorce, and a lover whose eyes alone can make him feel at ease, Niles must choose what matters most. Tick-tockas he races against the clock to set things straight, Niles discovers a way to capture his new memories and hold onto them forever.

Cold Memory - . He has 30 days before the next reset, before he loses his memory once again. Without having to ever say goodbye to the people and things that matter most. But eternity Comes at a Cost. And that's a price he and the people he loves aren't quite willing to pay. Scroll up and get your copy of cold memory, what is imagined, twisted series that will have you questioning what is real, the first in this exciting new, and what matters the most.

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Surviving Goodbye

QuoteStork Media, Inc. - How do you Survive Loss. And the realization that you've been living a LieSurviving Goodbye follows Elliot’s collision course with Fate as he embarks on a journey to locate his daughter’s real father. A final goodbye leads to a heartbreaking discoveryIn the final hours of her life, Elliot Fitch’s wife confesses that he is not the biological father to their 16-year old daughter.

When things Couldn't Get Any Worse. When elena, elliot faces an ironic dilemma about the true meaning of parenthood and the roles we play in the lives of others, announces her unplanned pregnancy and the father’s unwillingness to play a role in their child’s upbringing, now seventeen years old, particularly those we love and who love us in return.

Surviving Goodbye - Bad word alert: the f-word or some variation thereof appears 126 times yes, that's an instance of one in every five hundred and ninety-five words in Surviving Goodbye. Please read with care.

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Tin Town - Fasten your seat belts. Marianne Magazine France"Excellent. Praise for Capture "A harrowing psychological page-turner. Gripping. The times"a stark reflection on the insidious nature of guilt and grief. Unmissable. Crimesquad"A chilling read written with great power. Shotsmag"An explosive, diabolical thriller. Paris-match france"Plunges us into a sea of  suffering and brutality.

In the days following sunny's death, gutted by grief and guilt, Nick falls under the spell of Vernon who presents himself as a friend in time of need. Smith's impeccable prose hits you on a physical level. Spinetingler Magazine"Violent, chilling and as black as sin. One of the most deeply satisfying books I've read this year.

Capture - Florida times-union"the plot is operatic in its violence and tragedy and the characters are heartbreakingly real and immensely flawed. Hidden on nearby boulders, rent-a-cop Vernon Saul watches the child die and chooses to act only when it is too late. Smith is a master of suspense. The witness"one of the most powerful reads you will find this year.

Smith's best book to date. Title magazine"roger Smith writes like the bastard child of Patricia Highsmith.

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Blackmail Broker Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 2

- That suspicion is reinforced when one the client’s school busses is hijacked with fifty-four student passengers on board. Armed with nothing but a calculator, Edwin follows the numbers trail and hopes it will lead to the secret location where the students are being held hostage. When the kidnappers demand a $50, paid every hour on the hour, 000 for each school-aged child, the pressure boils to a tipping point for Edwin.

Fifty-four school bus passengers have been kidnappedand edwin burrows, his boss’s missing daughter, is about to find out just how far the kidnappers will go if they don’t get their multi-million dollar ransom!Just in case trying to locate Rachel Danforth, wasn’t stressful enough, Edwin gets called into Ted Danforth's office, CPA, as he often does, and is informed that one the firm’s clients is suspected of being blackmailed.

Who in the client’s life could be making such insane demands??Each piece of information that Edwin uncovers not only leads him closer to solving the puzzle of the hijacked school bus, but answers some fundamental questions about why his boss’s daughter has been avoiding the realities of her own truth.

Blackmail Broker Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 2 - An action-packed crime novel with suspenseful storytelling and a surprising twist. As edwin edges closer to the truth, he realizes that only he can find the answers that can lead him to rescuing the surviving children… but can he deliver before it’s too late?Scroll up and grab a copy of Blackmail Broker Edwin Burrows Mystery book 2 today.

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Conspiracy Connoisseur: A Funny Mystery Series Featuring Amateur Sleuth Edwin Burrows Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 3

- A dead body is pulled from the Willamette River. A mystery that can’t be solved with a calculator aloneif trevor didn’t kill his wife’s lover, then who did?Each piece of information that Edwin uncovers not only leads him closer to solving the puzzle of an innocent man’s murder; it shows him the lengths that some people will go to where love is concerned.

An action-packed mystery with suspenseful storytelling and a surprising twist. Scroll up and get your copy of Conspiracy Connoisseur, Book Three in the Edwin Burrows Mystery series! From the best-selling author of alibi aficionado and blackmail Broker comes the next installment in Edwin Burrows' story: Conspiracy Connoisseur!It’s a cut and dry murder: The husband of the woman the victim was sleeping with is arrested.

Conspiracy Connoisseur: A Funny Mystery Series Featuring Amateur Sleuth Edwin Burrows Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 3 - And while everyone, agrees that he was capable of such a heinous crime, gets pulled onto the case by his former mentor, Edwin Burrows, including Trevor Ramsey’s own parents, CPA, who now works at the Ramsey family’s accounting firm. His task: to determine whether Trevor was justified in killing his wife’s lover.

What does it take to kill someone?no stranger to spousal infidelity, Edwin realizes that it takes a special person to murder someone else… and he soon realizes that Trevor, although justified in killing his wife’s lover, just isn’t all that special.

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Devil's Dividend Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 4

- And what for? For love. But even edwin isn't immune; with a few secrets of his own, he discovers something new about his own capacity for secrets. Secret offspring. And love. Edwin soon discovers that people--wives, husbands, children--will go to immeasurable lengths to keep certain stains buried. The kinds of secrets that are meant to be buried.

A dying man's request: "find her"when ted danforth has a massive, life-threatening heart attack, he summons the most-unlikely ally to his bedside: Edwin Burrows. Once edwin appears, he's asked to "find her. But ted's incomplete request also comes on the heels of a client's unsolved, violent murder. A dying man's secrets come to the surfaceedwin Burrows, CPA, starts digging and discovers that Ted and the massacred client had a few secrets they'd kept hidden for years.

Devil's Dividend Edwin Burrows Mystery Book 4 - . But how much does rachel really know? How far will people go to keep such secrets buried?The Lengths People Will Go For Love. Secret lives. And truth.

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Deadly Illusions: A Private Detective Crime Thriller

- Deadly illusions is the debut book from Robert Brown. A thrilling ride through the streets of london in a crime thriller that’s simply magic! Follow the suspense as it twists and turns in this highly rated debut book from an up and coming crime author Cael Adler is a private detective with an eye for detail and a steady knack for solving complex cases.

But all is not as it seems, and the case soon becomes more personal for Tyler, when his wife becomes the next target of the madman. Lured to a theater on the pretext of attending a show, Samantha Easton comes face to face with the killer and it’s up to Cael and Tyler to stop him. But worse follows, when it becomes apparent that the murder is just the beginning of something much bigger and that a pitiless serial killer is at large.

Deadly Illusions: A Private Detective Crime Thriller - As the two men begin to unravel the horrific crimes they close in on the predator and his ruthless agenda. But when his dinner date with the stunning kelly is interrupted, by the discovery of part of a murdered woman’s torso, he doesn’t at first realize that his skills will be tested to their limits.

Called to remote corner of epping Forest by his friend and Metropolitan Police veteran Tyler Easton, Cael is shocked at what he finds. But will they solve the clues fast enough to save her from a horrific end? .

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The Last Night: A Fast-Paced Crime Thriller Suspense Novel

- What happens when ethan risks everything, including his own life and freedom, to chase a woman who might be a ghost?Find out in The Last Night by Harvey Church SCROLL UP AND GET YOUR COPY TODAY! An ambulance arrived and took her away. As more "medics" show up dead, Ethan should walk away. He must choose between the truth and Finding His WifeWhen it comes to the only woman he has ever loved, it's not quite that simple.

Except a television news report about a fatal accident reveals that the victim was one of the "medics" that took his wife away. A face he'll never forgetnow that the courts have declared his wife dead in absentia, Ethan feels he can finally move on with his life. An ambulance Took Her Away. In fact, emergency Services reported that no ambulance was even dispatched to his address.

The Last Night: A Fast-Paced Crime Thriller Suspense Novel - And he never saw her againseven and a half years ago, Ethan's wife had a medical emergency in the middle of the night. Except when ethan showed up at the hospital, there was no record of his wife ever being admitted. The first lead in seven and a half yearswith the first "lead" since his wife's disappearance, Ethan discovers tracks down the crime from that night and learns that it was more than a kidnapping, more than anything he could have ever imagined.

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The Last Friend

Kindle Press - She claims she knew his daughter while in captivity and says she made a promise to tell him about their friendship. The last friend to hold his daughter's hand when monica claims to know where his daughter’s remains are buried, Donovan is immediately committed to doing whatever this last friend needs from him, regardless of the warnings from his family and friends.

The friend who can help him seek vengeanceand when Monica claims to know where he can find the man who abducted, assaulted, and murdered his princess, Donovan knows he will stop at nothing to get his vengeance. What cost will he ultimately pay?monica claims she can show Donovan a lot of things about his daughter, but what price will Donovan ultimately pay the young lady who claims to be the last friend to know his daughter?

The Last Friend - The knock on his Door. That changed his lifefifteen years after Donovan’s daughter is abducted, Monica Russell knocks on his door.

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ABIGAIL- Real Rescue: full of twists and turns Romance fiction book Book 1

- One night they recruited her aS A SPY. She was caught in enemy territory and WAS THROWN INTO AN EXCAVATION. A novel that has everything: Romance and Excitement, Tension and Heroism. It is read easily and is really RECOMMENDED. She was born in the desert tents, running barefoot on the hot sands, grazing the camels of her Bedouin tribe.

. How it all ended you can read only after about 330 pages.

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Man Down

Tin Town - He has won the german crime fiction Award and been nominated for France's Grand Prix de Littérature Policière. The pungent odor of meth can't hide the stink of blood and fear. Quentin tarantino watch out!" Jeune Afrique"Excellent. Incredibly well constructed and incredibly brutal. Tages-anzeiger switzerland "man Down has both Shakespearean and Hitchcockian influences and yet has this inimitable fearlessness that only Roger Smith can muster.

. Praise for man down"smith, without apology, confronts the 'banality of evil' dear to Hannah Arendt. Very hard. Nyctalopes"very well written, the timelines are beautifully handled, and Smith can elicit suspense like few other thriller writers. As three masked gunmen terrorize the turners, exposing the fault lines in a marriage built on a foundation of lies, John is forced to confront the truth about his complicity in an unspeakably brutal crime in Johannesburg a decade ago and ask himself a question: is it payback time?Man Down is both a harrowingly propulsive thriller and a meditation on moral ambiguity and the roles choice and chance play in the shaping of a life.

Man Down - Read it if you dare. Dead end follies"this very dark novel, with its expertly constructed plot and apocalyptic climax, uses extreme violence to portray a society where the boundaries between good and evil no longer exist. Nord-pas-de-calais gazette"Beautifully built, exciting--a really good thriller that hits hard.

He also writes espionage as James Rayburn and horror as Max Wilde.

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